Fine Jewelry is Expensive

Fine jewelry is, in general, very expensive for many good reasons. There is the raw cost of precious metals plus the cost of refining the metals into a form usable for jewelry purposes. The gemstone miners, cutters, importers, distributors, bench jewelers, designers and retailers all have to make a profit on each item sold. Import duties, local taxes, expensive bricks and mortar locations, knowledgable and presentable staff, security and the capital cost of large inventories are all layers of additional cost. Our goal is to make available a substantial collection of expensive fine jewelry at prices more acceptable and affordable to the general buying public. We achieve this goal by buying wisely and carefully along with keeping our overhead low. 

our Jewelry Offering

All the Jewelry on our website was sourced piece by piece by us over an extended period of time. we purchase the jewelry from a variety of sources, such as estate sales, pawn brokers, auctions and individual sellers. we only purchase items that have the aesthetic beauty we believe our clients will be looking for, and are made of high quality precious metal and gemstones. In addition, they all represent excellent value for money. we source most of our jewelry in North America and some pieces are from Europe. Much of our jewelry has been lovingly pre-owned, hence the name "estate Jewelry" However, a number of pieces are brand new. Many of the pre-owned pieces are effectively new as they are in such excellent condition that it is impossible to tell that they are not new.

About Neil

Neil owned a jewelry stall in a place called the "Dandelion Market"  in Dublin, Ireland as a young man in the late 70's and early 80's. he worked full time in Financial Services 5 days a week and got up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays and Sundays to man his market stall. he has been an amateur gemologist since the 90's and, for a number of the 18 years that he resided in the USA, he owned an "S" corporation specializing in jewelry. he has been purchasing fine jewelry at very competitive prices for family members for decades. Although he has been fortunate to have had a very satisfying career in Financial Services for 35 years, he is now even more fortunate to be back living in southern California and to be able to operate a small business indulging his love and passion for gemstones and jewelry. 

we hope you like the jewelry we have on offer. we would welcome any feedback you may have and would also welcome any orders for specific jewelry. Given the nature of how we acquire our jewelry, specific orders may take some time, but as fitting with our business model, they will always offer excellent value for money.

Trillion Jewels continuously strives to offer our customers the highest quality of service. We stand behind the authenticity and quality of each item we sell. However if you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days provided the merchandise is unused and in the same condition as it was when purchased. Merchandise that has been used, altered or damaged will not be accepted. Thank you 

we want our clients to refer us to their friends and family, and come back to us year after year for their jewelry needs and always know they are secure in their purchases. 

Diamond, Gemstones and Metal Verification

All gemstones are natural mined stones unless stated otherwise. However, they may have been subject to normal industry treatments and enhancements such as heat in sapphires and rubies and an oiling process in emeralds.

When gold Karat or Platinum is clearly stamped on the jewelry it is stated "stamped" in the description . Any piece of jewelry that is not labelled "stamped" has been acid tested and is guaranteed to be as stated. So why might one not be able to see a stamp on a piece of jewelry, well this can be because occasionally stamps are barely visible due to wear, lost due to a resizing, so small or lightly stamped it is very difficult to find them,  and sometimes custom made pieces are just not stamped by the maker/designer. 

we employ the services 0f A graduate Gemologist to double check our personal verifications and to ensure the authenticity of the diamonds and gemstones in our jewelry. where we find that stones are not naturally mined (which is rare but does occur) we either withdraw them from our collection or sell them with full disclosure to the client. Some man-made gemstones and simulant diamond material is expensive and of extremely high quality. the aesthetic beauty of these synthetic and man-made gemstones should not be dismissed.


Weights and measurements are approximate

While every attempt is made to provide accurate and precise weights and measurements of the jewelry and gemstones viewed on this website, please keep in mind that there might be some very slight differences due to calibration of weighing scales and the calibration charts used to measure gemstones.

In general, there are two ways to weigh gemstones. One is to remove the stones from the settings and to weigh them individually, and the second way is to measure the size of the stones and use calibrated charts to access the weight according to the measurements. In our case, the first method is impractical so we conservatively use the second method.